Custom Satellite Engineering and Product Development

L-Band Satellite Engineering Specialists

The world’s leading Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) network operators and airtime providers rely on RedPort Global for both turnkey and custom satellite engineering and product development. The company’s toolkit of solutions and services are designed with the particular needs of L-Band satellite providers in mind. With expertise in the following areas, RedPort can provide white-label versions of RedPort products, or custom OEM solutions for the needs of any satellite provider from small to large.

Why use RedPort for Satellite Engineering and Product Development?

Reputation for Satellite Engineering Excellence

Over the last 14 years, RedPort and it’s predecessors have become well-known and well-respected as a key player in developing L-band satellite services, hardware and software. RedPort is the go-to group for the big players in the industry when overcoming issues or when product development is needed, and the force behind OEM branded solutions offered by the world’s leading MSS carriers.

Complex Satellite Engineering Problem Solvers

RedPort Custom Satellite Engineering and Product Development solutions solve complex satellite communications challenges for current and potential clients – driving desired airtime usage. RedPort’s deep experience and understanding of the many facets of the satellite communications space has provided it with the means to deliver almost any application (compression, monitoring, VoIP, GPS tracking, WIFI, web browsing, email, etc.) for almost any end market (M2M, Aviation, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Emergency Services, Trucking, etc.)

Satellite Engineering and Product Development That Promotes Flexibility and Adaptability

As independent satellite engineers and product developers, we create hardware and software that is not only innovative but also compatible with every major satellite communication carrier and airtime provider. The Company’s fully compatible, ground-breaking products/services are a testimony to why it is the leading independent provider in its space, working across multiple platforms – with the data services and devices your customers already use.
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