Satellite VoIP Services

Satellite VoIP Phone Service

  • Offer VoIP for Ship Operations, Crew-calling or Passenger Pay-phone
  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband or VSAT compatible
  • 6 Kbps gives you 20 minutes talk time per MB
  • Postpaid or Prepaid PIN Code options

VoIP Service for Marine Satellite Users

VoIP service is well-documented as an affordable, reliable way to communicate over broadband DSL and cable modem lines. But the solutions that work onshore don’t work well on the water. Satellite broadband networks face high-latency, lower bandwidth and jitter issues that make off-the-rack VoIP routers unreliable if they work at all.
RedPort VoIP is designed from the ground up for the special requirements of satellite broadband networks to give your organization the very best of VoIP over satellite at sea. Everything we do is optimized for satellite. Low-bandwidth requirements of only 6KBps ensure your better quality of service and throughput, while providing excellent voice quality and low airtime charges.
RedPort VoIP routers are designed for ship’s environments to accommodate the high-vibration, salt-air, and punishing situations at sea.

Satellite VoIP for Ship Operators

Communication keeps everything afloat, and RedPort VoIP service gives you affordable, reliable voice calling that increases productivity, coordinates logistics, and keeps crew and passengers happy while actually generating revenue. RedPort is a satellite VoIP service provider that knows the challenges of satellite data and marine operations - our satellite VoIP routers and phone service are made to overcome the challenges of marine satellite Internet to keep your organization in touch with affordable, high-quality satellite VoIP phone service.
Wi-Fi (SIP) phone support means you can place inexpensive wireless phones anywhere the crew needs it – and they can coordinate onboard for free. Place one in each cabin and sell prepaid codes at a generous markup while keeping crew and passengers in touch with loved ones onshore.
SoftPhone applications lets any user access the satellite link or other on-vessel users with an app running on their own smartphone through the vessels Wi-Fi network and the RedPort VoIP router.

Satellite VoIP Pricing

RedPort dealers provide customized pricing to meet your needs. Actual hardware and service fees vary by dealer based on your requirements. However, all RedPort VoIP dealers have access to the following pricing elements:

  • Low Monthly Access Fee
  • Choose a phone number from 30 different countries
  • Unlimited In-Network Calling Option
  • Low Postpaid Termination Rates
    • Inbound and Outbound rates as low as $0.33/minute SRP
    • Calling party simply dials your phone number like any other in that country
  • Low Prepaid Codes for Ship Operations, or Crew and Passenger Sales
    • Prepaid Codes are sold in increments good for up to 30, 60, 120, 1200 or 3000 minutes to 400 of the most commonly called destinations. Some locations provide fewer minutes for the same price.

RedPort Satellite VoIP for FleetBroadband

Get more from your FleetBroadband service. RedPort VoIP’s low data usage saves on airtime and provides excellent quality even on lower-bandwidth FleetBroadband 150 terminals.

Inmarsat FleetBroadband Voice Service RedPort VoiP over FleetBroadband
$0.55/minute SRP As low as $0.33/minute SRP
Single voice line Multi-voice calling
(Up to eight simultaneous satellite calls; unlimited onboard calls)
No PBX Fully-featured PBX
Limited Crew and passenger solutions High-margin crew and passenger prepaid codes generate revenue for ship operators
  • Inmarsat Certified
  • Inmarsat VLA-compliant
  • Inmarsat Most Successful Solution Developer of 2011
  • Works with all FleetBroadband terminals – FBB 150, FBB 250, and FBB 500

RedPort Satellite VoIP for VSAT

RedPort Satellite VoIP also has many advantages for VSAT users. Its low-data rate reduces bandwidth allowing for better throughput availability for other services, the prepaid code structure makes it easy to profit from crew and passenger calling while offering fair prices, and the full PBX provides the professional features found only in top level land-based PBX boxes.

More Quality, Less Data

How does RedPort VoIP give crystal-clear voice quality while using only 1MB of data per 20 minutes of talk time? It's the codecs. Most VoIP solutions are designed for the world of terrestrial broadband. If your solution provider is suggesting that you use an off the rack VoIP router designed for use with standard broadband networks, then you may be headed down the path toward poor voice quality, dropped calls, huge data demands and a poor overall experience.
RedPort satellite VoIP phone service is powered by Vobal Technologies to meet the demands of marine satellite Internet users, and ensure clear connections while using only 6kbps.

RedPort Satellite VoIP PBX Specifications

  •  IVR Menu: Inbound callers hear a recording that gives customers options with extensions that can be dialed. The options can send calls to local extensions, voicemail, conference numbers, queues, or external numbers like a cell phone.
  • Announcements: Setup a recording for the auto attendant that provides announcement to callers. (See IVR Menu)
  • Call Broadcast: Create a recording and select one or more groups to have the system call and play the recording.
  • Call Detail Records: Various reporting capabilities to see who called, time, call length, and the ability to export to a csv file.
  • Call Forward: Forward to another extension or to any phone number.
  • Contact Manager
  • Call Monitoring: View which extensions are currently in a call. (see Active Extensions)
  • Call Parking: Press *5900 to park a call, unpark the call with *5901.
  • Call Pickup: For a particular extension or any extension that is currently ringing.
  • Call Queuing: Can load calls into queues so they can be answered in the order they came into the queue. (see Queues)
  • Call Recordings: To record all or some calls or parts of the call. (See Active Calls and Active Extensions)
  • Call Routing: Send the call different directions or perform actions based on reading the caller id info or other call information. (see Dialplan Manager)
  • Call Transfer: Includes Announced Transfer and Blind Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Conferencing: To set up conference calls, is optionally secure with a PIN number, and can transfer current calls to a conference. Interactive conference control provides ability to see the list of callers in the conference and manage the volume, see who is talking, kick, mute, unmute, deaf, undeaf, and more. (See Conferences)
  • Dial by Name: Search by first name or last name to find extension numbers on the system.
  • Eavesdrop: Ability to eaves drop on a call and the option to barge in on the call.
  • Interactive extension list: Allows to view all active an inactive extensions, see the caller id of the calls, call length, transfer calls, hangup and more.
  • Follow-me: Ring a desk phone for so many rings then try a cell phone when a call comes in.
  • Inbound Routes: To direct calls depending on caller ID and interface by which a call arrives
  • Intercom: A paging extension can be created that will send intercom calls over a speaker system.
  • Music On Hold: Can add wav or mp3 file including music or even a business sales message.
  • Paging: For phones that support it (Polycom, Linksys, SNOM, and others).
  • Provisioning: For phones that support it. (see phones)
  • Hunt Groups/Ring Groups: To ring multiple internal extensions and external numbers simultaneously (ring groups) or in succession (hunt groups). Can prefix the caller id name so that you can tell where the call came from. There are options to announce the caller, or require a PIN number. (See Hunt Group)
  • Route by Caller ID: When a call comes in the call can be routed based on the destination number, Caller ID, and other factors. For example, certain clients can be routed to a special after hours menu. (See Inbound Routes)
  • Text-to-Speech: Can be customized to provide any information to caller, and can optionally be protected with a PIN number. To have a good voice it requires a commercial 3rd party software and voice.
  • Three-way Calling
  • Timer Conditions: Allow to set up different time patterns for call handling. It allows to direct after hours calls differently than calls during working hours for example.
  • Voice Mail: Access voicemail from anywhere. Voicemail can be sent as an email attachment. It can also be accessed inside the office from a Web Interface or remotely through a VPN. (See Extensions)
    • *97 general voicemail box
    • *98 detects extension and requires only the pin number
    • *99[extension number] allows a call to be transferred directly to voicemail.
  • Remote Support: The PBX can be managed with a web interface locally or remotely. Portable Extensions can be answered anywhere with a VoIP phone, soft phone, standard phone or cordless. Calls from remote extensions to any extension do not require the telephone company.
  • Soft Phones: Support for many SIP capable software based phones. Xlite supports video calling. Zoiper sipdroid.

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